The women of the Wayuu tribe are the creative makers of the Wayuu Bags. The art of weaving has been around for a long time and is passed on from generation to generation. At an early age the young girls learn their first tricks of this complicated craft of weaving. For the women of the Wayuu tribe it is a privilege to be able to make the Bags. In the Wayuu culture it is a sign of intelligence, creativity and wisdom.


Wayuu indigenous people have their own language, the women are hardworking, very wise and disciplined with their skills and craftsmanship. It has been fascinating to learn that each woven design carries a meaning which extends far beyond its aesthetic appeal. Behind every bag there is a cultural message, a story, a soul and an important subject related to their lives. Each bag requires their physical and emotional energy. They spend up to thirty days to weave a large bag. In each Kanas (patterns in Wayuu language) they portray their way of life and most of all their values and beliefs on the bags.


Today, Wayuu bags have become a means of financial support for the Wayuu people, which enables them to preserve their way of life.