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Our Artisans



In our most recent experience visiting our Artisans in La Guajira, Colombia., my husband and I had the opportunity to spend a few days with the Wayuus. We learned more about their culture, combine with some legends, myths, stories and traditions. This tribe has inhabited the harsh environment of the La Guajira desert for centuries, living with the land and passing on traditions for generations.

We ask them about the Venezuela situation, and how it is affecting the Wayuu Communities. The political and economic crisis in the neighboring country has worsened the situation for both countries. Colombians and Venezuela people, many of whom are struggling to survive and particularly in La Guajira, Colombia has been very visible. It is known that the government is managing this migration with resources that are not enough. The providence already suffered the highest child mortality rate in the country, but this has gone up because of the influx of starving Venezuelans who have trouble finding access to healthcare for their children as well.

After talking with them about it, there is doubt that they are trying to responding crisis with admirable generosity and support to their Venezuelan brothers according to them, but it is hard even for the Wayuu people to help much when they are trying to survive at the same time.

It is definitely our desire to keep working directly with the Wayuu Villages, because we enjoy it very much and and because we want to cut out the middle man, making sure that they are fairly paid, working in good conditions and taking care of.