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Wayuu (also Wayu, Wayúu, Guajiro, Wahiro) is an Indigenous South American ethnic group of the Guajira Peninsula in northern most part of Colombia and northwest Venezuela.

It is one of the largest and strongest tribes with a population of around 700,000 people, this makes the wayuu the largest indigenous group in Colombia, representing 57.5 % of the American-Indian population.

The Wayuu language is part of the Maipuran (Arawak) language family. Wayuu indigenous people have their own language called Wayuunaiki.

The women are hard workers, very wise and disciplined with their skills and craftsmanship, not only do they produce one of the most complex crochet and textile techniques in our planet, they are also known for preserving their rituals, celebrations to death and heritage. 

A traditional Wayuu settlement is made up of five or six houses that made up caserios or rancherias. Each ranchería is named after a plant, animal or geographic place. A territory that contains many rancherias is named after the mother's last name.